Surf’s Up, Ready to Ride the Killer Wave?

Have you ever noticed that there’s a lot of discovery, planning, implementation and follow through with surfers? Are you getting amped to complete a total firm conversion? Amped = Getting excited while surfing or really looking forward to surfing. What is more “gnarly” is the thought of an accounting firm partner asking you to streamline their entire firm… from nasty combinations of software products to the new and always improving QuickBooks Online for Accountants and the Accountant’s end user, AKA: their customer. Are you ready to ride it out or bail? Bail = To bail is to jump of the board to avoid an imminent wipeout. QuickBooks Online for Accountants…Continue Reading »

Doing a Hat Trick at the Intuit QuickBooks Connect Conference with Q Hero (also known as QBO Hero)

QBO Hero Hat Trick at QBConnect

Did you know? “Hat trick” is a noun. It means 3 successes of the same kind, especially consecutive ones – within a limited period of time. For example, this could be the scoring of 3 goals in the same game by one player, the taking of 3 wickets by the same person with successive balls in cricket, or by being lucky enough to hit 3 bull’s eyes in a row while playing darts at your favorite pub. Q Hero will be doing a hat trick at the Intuit QuickBooks Connect Conference this year in San Jose, California (#QBConnect). Why? Because we plan to be at the place and the right…Continue Reading »

The QuickBooks Online Conversion Crisis – Part 4

­Embracing the QuickBooks Online Ecosystem. Last time, we explored the pricing model. We suggested that taking control of your practice with a QuickBooks Online conversion plan and executing it is a very effective way to make your practice much more profitable. How can we, as trusted advisors, “Embrace the QuickBooks Online Ecosystem?” I embrace it by constant and never-ending improvement on my business (CANI for short). The QuickBooks Community is looking for ways to apply to CANI QuickBooks Online. I just got back from Intuit Connect and Intuit Reseller Connect. My take away was CANI! Here is some very useful knowledge that I gained. The QuickBooks Product Blog posted here…Continue Reading »

QBO Hero Wins Award!

QBO Hero was recently given the Intuit Solutions Provider Award for being number 1 in sales and solutions. Click to view the photo of the award ceremony. Get Started With QuickBooks Online