Who Are The QBO Heroes?

Jim Filicetti

Jim Filicetti  Visionary and President

Jim is the driving force for the vision of QBO Hero, LLC and a founding owner. Jim’s dream is to make the lives of accountants and their clients better by helping them systematize and automate their accounting processes.

Jim is a sought-after speaker on automating accounting offices. He has been a featured speaker at many conferences and is an Intuit Pro-Advisor.


Jim has owned his own accounting practice for many years and has first-hand experience with the internal processes and procedures of accounting firms. He knows the day-to-day struggles of small accounting firms first hand.

Jon Filicetti

Jon Filicetti — QuickBooks Conversion Manager

Jon manages the conversions of QuickBooks Desktop products to QuickBooks Online, including QBO Apps. Jon is one of the founding owners of QBO Hero, LLC. Jon is an Intuit Pro-Advisor.


Jon was the Office Solutions Sales Manager for KJ Tax and Accounting, LLC. He provided a variety of advanced, effective and cost efficient software technologies to businesses. Offerings included QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, Payroll, Merchant Service, Bill.Com and other associated software solutions to assist businesses in maximizing their profitability. He updated and reorganized client information to optimize efficiency in the use of data.


Rose CaiazzoDigital Marketing Strategist and Corporate Spokesperson for QBO Hero

Rose is the voice of QBO Hero. She creates important online conversations via our social media sites, represents QBO Hero in videos and podcasts, and plays a key role in the success of our overall communications content and visual marketing plans.


Rose has enjoyed being in the fields of communications, advanced tech and online marketing for over twenty years. Moreover, she has been in the pulse of the digital and social media industry since its early stages, which enables her to help strategize with businesses like few others can. Rose’s experience as an on-camera actor and voice talent help us in branding our business. Over the years, she’s assisted hundreds of businesses all over the US, and continues keeping pace with the latest and greatest trends in digital media and the world of voice.


Allen Oelschlaeger

Allen’s team at Goodlook Marketing manages all the online, graphic design, videography and content marketing services for QBO Hero.


Allen has an MBA from the Wharton School and spent over 20 years in executive roles in corporate America until he caught the entrepreneurial bug. Since then he’s been part of the leadership team of three venture-funded startups and founded two companies (Business XLerator, Vistelar). Allen is a published author and has taught both marketing and entrepreneurial marketing at the university level.

J Victor Nahigian

J. Victor Nahigian

Victor’s team at Systems Analysis Services Incorporated manages most of the backend conversion work for QBO Hero.

Victor holds dozens of certifications including Microsoft Business Solutions, Sage Custom Programming, SBT Advanced Programming. He is QuickBooks Certified and has written thousands of software programs. Victor often speaks at Intuit-sponsored events on programming within QuickBooks.